Sunday, May 16, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Twin Sister, Cocorosie, Ty Segall, White Hills,

"All Around, And Away We Go" by Twin Sister, from Color Your Life:
Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go - DOWNLOAD

"Lady Daydream" by Twin sister, from Color Your Life:
Twin Sister "Lady Daydream"

Cocorosie, "Smokie Taboo" from 2010's Grey Oceans:
Cocorosie - Smokey Taboo

Ty Segall's "Bulletproof Nothing", from 2010's Goner Records 7", "Caesar b/w Bulletproof Nothing":

Ty Segall 02 Bullet Proof Nothing - DOWNLOAD

White Hills, "Dead", off of 2010's self-titled, White Hills:
White Hills - Dead - DOWNLOAD

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