Friday, June 11, 2010

Review: Etherea - Free Etherea

Etherea - Free Etherea

Alec Koone is a lucky kid. He's got a firm grasp on near masterful beat-smithing at young age, and a very promising future. Alec goes by the name Etherea, is unsigned, and has little more than a MySpace out on the web right now. Most notably what he's getting cred for is his colossal remixes of songs by Animal Collective, St. Vincent, Josephine Foster, and a mash-up of Wavves vs Doom. But the quality in his own, original tunes, tells all you'd need to know about his song-crafting abilities.

His new EP is Free Etherea, and is just that, only priceless. It's a combination of glitchy, dubbish-breakbeats, washed-out synths, and blissful ambient textures all wrapped into one warm blanket. The Remix of Animal Collective's "College" is an instant classic. The song originally around thirty-five seconds and mostly a capella, is met by a suave drumbeat, a club anthem bass line, chimes, and arrpeggiated synth flurishes. "Sextape" stands out right away too, but the remix of Josephine Foster's, "Birdo", and original,"It is You", are just as marvelous and sublime. Free Etherea is Etherea's first release and available for free at sharing site he's provided.

Download the album HERE


A Mixtape of my own feat. Etherea:
June Mini Mix 2 - DOWNLOAD

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