Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mixtape: VT - September Mixtape 6


Boundary Jim - "Beautiful Lady"
Netherfriends - "Steal This Hook (By, Abbie Hoffman)
Lord Huron - "The Problem With Your Daughter"
Bitchin Bajas - "Zone 4"
Tamaryn - "Love Fade"
Grandparents - "Nectar"
Secret Colours - "Sea"
Young Hunting - "Into Yr Mind"
Guerre - "North York Hymnal"

  VERY TELLING - september mix 6 - DOWNLOAD

Songs Of The Day: Featherfoot, and Crocodiles

A remix and vocal edit of Balmorhea's - "Bowsprit" by mid-westerners - Featherfoot.  The song originally appears on the album - Constellations, out on Western Vinyl:
  Balmorhea - Bowsprit (Featherfoot Vocal Edit)

"Hollow Hollow Eyes" by Crocodiles, originally from a four-way split in 2009 on Art Fag Records, re-released this year on their new album - Sleep Forever, out on Fat Posom Records:
Buy the LP HERE   03. Hollow Hollow Eyes - DOWNLOAD (Art Fag version)

Video: Warpaint - "Ashes To Ashes"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Mean Wind, and James Blake

An unreleased single by Mean Wind titled - "Kingdom Come":   Mean Wind - Kingdom Come  - DOWNLOAD

"I Only Know (What I Know)" by UK producer - James Blake, from his latest Klavierwerke EP, out on R&S Records:

But the 12" HERE   James Blake - I Only Know What I Know Now

XTRA: Fiveng - Easy (Single)

San Francisco producer Fiveng is back with another digital single titled - Easy, and as usual -- it's amazing.  Fiveng has a full and robust production style.  His melodies and attention to detail truly delivers some of the most full and gorgeous sounding music.  Each song uses countless layers of instruments and effects that cast a psych-pop mirage on your ears without going overboard or approaching sensory overload.  Fiveng's Easy single was released on Beach Tapes this month, and is available at Fiveng's Bandcamp page HERE, by naming your own price.  Truly recommended.    

<a href="">Easy by Fiveng</a>

<a href="">Skin by Fiveng</a>

News: Animal Collective Shoe

In case you haven't heard, Keep shoes and Animal Collective are collaborating together to manufacture a shoe.  The shoe was designed by Avey Tare of AC, available in a limited quantity, and comes with a cassette tape of previously unreleased music.  Also all profits from the sales are going to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, a non-profit helping to preserve the unique biosphere of the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California, where illegal fishing, in particular of its shark population, is a continual threat.  Pre-orders are available now at the Keep webstore HERE

Video: Secret Colours - "Popstar"

Video: Fiveng - "Skin"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Songs Of The Day: The Black Angels, and Heavy Times

"Bad Vibrations" from the new Black Angels album Phosphene Dream, out on Blue Horizon Records:
  The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations  - DOWNLOAD

"Ice Age" by Chicago three-piece garage band- Heavy Times, from their latest 7" out on Hozac Records:
  Heavy Times - Ice Age

XTRA: Midnight Ghost - Monument

September continues as one of the strongest months for releases. Austin band - Midnight Ghost, and their latest album - Monument is no exception.  Midnight Ghost has a lazy psychedelic-pop sound with a little surf-guitar influence, which is combined with vocal harmonies reminiscent of early 60's pop music.  It's a pleasant blend of dreamy psych-pop and damaged indie-rock giving it a modern but vintage feeling similar to some recent Woodsist bands.  Monument's melodies are bright and optimistic, and at instances takes on a lo-fi garage aesthetic giving it a well-rounded atmosphere.   The six song album is available for $2 HERE at their Bandcamp which is well worth it.  Really check this out. 

<a href="">Easy way out by Midnight Ghost</a>

<a href="">Time by Midnight Ghost</a>

<a href="">Pineapple Sunglasses by Midnight Ghost</a>


Video: The Black Angels - "Telephone"

Video: Okinawa Lifestyle - "Black Sea Shark"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Persona La Teams

 "Persona La Ave and Teams collaborated for this new song - "Freaklicker", available as a digital download:

  Persona La Ave & Teams - Freaklicker - DOWNLOAD

DYTRTTR - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Afterglows And Pleasing Intoxicants

Aug 4, 2010

Words by Sean Moeller
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney
Sound engineering by Mike Gentry

The place where we find ourselves on this gentle occasion is amongst a sea of weeping willows and empty streets. There's a cascading streak of the afterglow, or a glowing cascade of twilight embers barreling right down and in upon us as we stroll, hand-in-hand with imperfection - out there in our summer clothing. There's a light sweat spilling out in polite droplets from every pore that we own, but everything feels comfortable, just getting lightly sticky and salty underneath the fabric. The day's coming to a close and everything's calm and pacified, all of the beings inhabiting these homes and fields, content with full bellies of main courses and desserts. We're out walking off the meals or we're staring across the room at our wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and the children that may have come from such unions and we have a hard time not thinking aloud or silently to ourselves, "This is something very much like the good life that I've heard so much about in literature. This is good. This is so good." For a while, the cares and serious concerns that cause us to stress ourselves out, are about a million miles away and unrecognizably vague. We know and feel them only in reputation and heresy and it feels as if we've reached some kind of idyllic wonderland that we never knew we could get back to as adults. It feels as if we're walking in the lingering days of the past, when everything was just a shade easier and we could breathe deeper. It's where Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. take us with its music. Joshua Epstein, the lead singer and songwriter of another great Detroit band called The Silent Years, and Daniel Zott make music that instantly draws from those days that we find we can't help but comment on -- the quality of the weather, the temperature, the visibility, the blueness, the crispness, etc., though it always tends to seem too easy. These are the obvious points of discussion for strangers and non-strangers, saying to another, "Boy, we sure couldn't ask for a nicer day, could we?" or, "These are the kinds of days when you're happy to be alive, aren't they?" and these sentiments are shared with an effervescent breeze and an authentic sunniness that shows up in the smile lines that dart curvatures on the outskirts of your mouth. The music that the duo made for its just-released EP, "Horse Power," seems so easy, so likeable and so naturally speaking, so simple to claim as a lifesaver or a spirits-picker-upper. It's music that beckons out to us and fills the role as some kind of pleasing intoxicant, able to wash us away from any and all of the ugliness that we find ourselves routinely faced with. It's a romance that we suddenly share with these songs, as if we've been swept off our feet, been proposed to and drunkenly said, "Yes, emphatically, yes!" without considering the implications or even thought about just what in the hell we were doing here. It's a whirlwind romance and it's okay. It feels right to be taken so easily. We're singing along and just soaked in the soft light, humming and affected so deeply. Epstein and Zott fill their songs with all of the surf and shine of a Brian Wilson composition, all while bringing samples and drum machines and manipulative brilliance into an otherwise purely organic process, allowing the nuances to flit and flirt with the undeniable pull and the unconscious charm of these songs. We tend to love ourselves more - we love our lot in this crazy life more - when we're around these songs. Bless them, all four of them for what they give.

Video: Sleep Over - "La Rose"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. cover the Beach Boys' - "God Only Knows" from their latest Horse Power EP, released on Quite Scientific Records
  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - God Only Knows  - DOWNLOAD (right click and save link as)

XTRA: Soft Cat - Wildspace

Soft Cat is a six-piece (sometimes more) from Baltimore, who just released an album titled - Wildspace, and it's just in time for fall.  Soft Cat has a very powerful and evocative sound, which can be compared to Department of Eagles, and a more recent band - We Are Trees.  Their songs are mostly acoustic with distant, sometimes chilling vocals in the background.  Wildspace is being released on to cassette (limited to 150) via Friends Records in October.  Check out Friends Records Bandcamp HERE, download the entire album by naming your own price HERE, and  consider buying the limited cassette release while you still can HERE!

<a href="">Soft Cat - When My Brother Reaches Me by Friends Records</a>

<a href="">Soft Cat - It Won't Be Long by Friends Records</a>

<a href="">Soft Cat - Silver Babies Sun by Friends Records</a>


DYTRTTR - Tennis


A World Of Tender Escapism

Sep 24, 2010

Words by Sean Moeller
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney
Sound engineering by Mike Gentry

Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are married and they did something crazy with the little money they had not so long ago. They pooled it together and decided to buy a sailboat in Florida and sail around the Eastern seaboard for seven months, until they no longer had any more money and they returned to Colorado. Can't even imagine how quickly my wife would nip that idea in the bud and it's harder still to imagine what made the two think that they knew how to sail a boat, or that the money could stretch for a full seven months before finally running dry. Either way you examine this little story, it carries with it an almost unbearably beautiful romantic quality of sun, surf, closeness and as much marine-blue-green water as the eye can see. It's the way Moore and Riley are toward each other too, it seems with a very quick glance, and the songs that they are collecting for a debut full-length are memorably breezy and cool. They give off a sensation that makes you feel as if you may have been an unwitting stowaway on that tiny sailboat of theirs, without a care in the world. Tennis, the name of the-now-trio's musical offerings, is a band that lives in a world of escapism, of doing exactly what these two lovebirds did - just cut ties and see what they could see, experience what it might be like to just float all day without much direction or agenda, to just be gone, but still be together. The song "Marathon" got out into the world this spring and immediately caught fire, shining with anthemic good vibrations and the kinds of ooos and ahhhs of harmony that produce involuntary smiling in nearly everyone who hears them. It's a song so pleasing that descriptions do it less good than descriptions usually do pieces of music. But everything else that Tennis has written backs up the sentiments and the aesthetic of that song - all of them making you want to just clean house and start over, as it sounds so refreshing to begin anew and be where Moore and Riley are, doing what they're doing. Tennis makes you want to reach out for your baby, bring them tight into your arms and just riddle them with kisses and snuggles. It's not that the music is all that cute or sentimental, it's just that you get so smitten and you find that there's some completeness that you're seeking and maybe you already have that, maybe you need to stop looking so hard. That man or that woman that's holding your hand and rubbing your shoulders at the end of a day of toil and frustration, might be the only thing that you ever need next to you, to make you feel so fulfilled. They create this feeling over and over again, setting the scene for an intoxicating sunrise and all that might follow should the moment be taken in with the right people or person. Moore and Riley make us suckers for the easy life, for thinking that it might be ripe for the pickin.' They toss us the lines and make us feel alive with the electricity of deep, set-in love, the kind that some think you can only get to after decades and decades, but right here, they've done it. They've written songs that feel like the tender care that you use when tucking a blanket over a loved one who's fallen asleep on the couch, late at night, with the television on. You look at that person, slumbering peacefully, and you believe with great conviction, that everything is wonderful.

Video: Soft Cat - "It Won't Be Long"

Video: Soft Cat - "When My Brother Reaches Me"

When My Brother Reaches Me

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Mean Wind

"Gleam Leaf Green" by Canadian psych-folk band - Mean Wind, from their album - What Happens In Hingham Stays in Hingham, released on from their Bandcamp HERE:   Gleam Leaf Green  - DOWNLOAD

"Pacific Leather" by Canadian psych-folk band - Mean Wind, from their album - What Happens In Hingham Stays in Hingham, released on from their Bandcamp HERE:   Pacific Leather - DOWNLOAD

XTRA: FPRF - This Is What We Talk About

FPRF is a four-piece from Novosibirsk, which is part of the Russian Federation. Their music is heavily influenced by shoegaze and post-rock, so at times it can be very calm and cerebral and others it can be quit fervent and epic.  Their latest release, This Is What We Talk About, is a two song digital single where both songs, stylistically, are different from one another.  "This Is Where We Found It" is an ambient/shoegaze combination, where as "This Is What We Talk About" is more of a post-rock anthem.  FPRF is giving away their single at their Bandcamp by naming your own price HERE.  Seriously check this out...      

<a href="">This Is Where We Found It by FPRF</a>

<a href="">This Is What We Talk About by FPRF</a>


Video: El Guincho - "Bombay"

A seriously epic video that touches on so much. Watch and be amazed, or confused...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Sun Airway, and Junip

"Oh, Naoko" by Phili's Sun Airway from the upcoming release - Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier, out 10/26 on Dead Oceans.   Sun Airway - Oh, Naoko  - DOWNLOAD

 From Swedish folk artists - Junip, is the song "Always" from the new album Fields, out on Mute Records:   Junip - Always  - DOWNLOAD

XTRA: Andy & Zeus - Andy & Zeus EP, & Mystery Cells

Andy & Zeus are a duo from Brooklyn that write incredibly visual and spacey psych music.  They just released a self-titled EP titled Andy & Zeus, and a more recent single - Mystery Cells, at their BandcampTheir songs tend to show more electronic influences with synths and drum machines, but are met with equal analog arrangements with acoustic guitars, hand percussion, and vocals.  Andy & Zeus are hypnotic in their approach to ambiance.  Tractor-beam synths reel you in at half-speed, enough time to scope out your surroundings before greeting outer-space.  Download three releases at their Bandcamp HERE by naming your own price and enjoy.

<a href="">Luna Sea (Riding a Moonbeam) by Andy &amp; Zeus</a>

<a href="">Here We All Are by Andy &amp; Zeus</a>

<a href="">Mystery Cells by Andy &amp; Zeus</a>

Video: Young Man - "Just A Growin"

Young Man's debut live video performing "Just A Growin" for I Guess I'm Floating, recorded Aug 26th 2010, at Schubas Tavern here in Chicago, IL, .  This version is way more rockin' and experimental than the album - Boy.  Check out Boy, released on FrenchKiss Records - HERE, and download the original 5 EP by signing up to their mailing list below! 


Video: Of Montreal - "Coquet Coquette"

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Persona La Teams, and Belle And Sebastian

 "Persona La Ave and Teams collaborated for this new song - "Freaklicker", available as a digital download: 


A new song from Belle And Sebastian's upcoming album - Write About Love, titled "I Didn't See it Coming" out October 12th on Matador Records (in the US):
  Belle & Sebastian - I Didn't See It Coming

XTRA: Twin Sister - Shaking Through Series Vol 1.

"Meet The Frownies" by five-piece NY band Twin Sister.  The song was was recorded in just two days back in late June and released last Tuesday on Vol. 1 of the Shaking Through 2010 Series, organized by Weathervane Music, a non-profit helping independent musicians.  Twin Sister  have a darker sound on "Meet The Frownies" partially due to the chord progression and the overall flatness, but they're still just as refreshing and candid as ever.  The song is part of Vol 1 of the Shaking Through Series which features other artists recording and sharing a song for  Weathervane Music.  Check out Vol 1 HERE, download by naming your own price,  and also Twin Sister's Bandcamp page HERE for two full EP's.  The video for "Meet The Frownies" demonstrates how the song was produced and collaborated in two days at a nice recording studio. 

<a href="">Meet the Frownies by Weathervane Music</a>

Shaking Through: Twin Sister

Video: Icy Demons - "Who There/Spywatchers"

Icy Demons : Who There / Spywatchers

Video: Animal Collective - "Bluish"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Deerhunter

 "Don't Cry" from Deerhunter's upcoming album Halcyon Digest out on 4AD on September 28th:

"We Would Have Laughed" by NY's Deerhunter, from their upcoming album, Halcyon Digest, out September 27th on 4AD:

  Deerhunter: "He Would Have Laughed"

"Sailing" from Deerhunter's upcoming album - Halcyon Digest, out September 27th on 4AD:

  Deerhunter: "Sailing"

XTRA: Smith And Thomas - Smith And Thomas

Smith And Thomas are New Zealanders - Bevan Smith (of Signer and Ruby Suns), and Andrew Thomas (of Signer).  They just released a self-titled album, Smith and Thomas, that's seven numerically titled songs, crosses a lot of genres and is definitely their own beast .  As collaborators, Smith And Thomas write beautiful experimental tracks woven together by electronic, shoegaze, doom, and ambient-pop fibers.  The genres are really tied together by the vocals which sound casual but pensive and taught.  Smith and Thomas is available at their Bandcamp by naming your own price HERE, seriously check it out.  Also a limited number of handcrafted cds are available by sending them a message and joining their mailing list.

<a href="">03 by Smith and Thomas</a>

<a href="">04 by Smith and Thomas</a>

<a href="">07 by Smith and Thomas</a>

DYTRTTR - Lower Dens

Warming Up The Grim

Sep 21, 2010

Words by Sean Moeller
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney
Sound engineering by Mike Gentry
Jana Hunter has a sly, somewhat lazy smile and it's one of the things that I like most about her. It's an expression that takes while to warm up and get into a position to do anything substantial, kind of like an old car in the winter - where it needs to run for about 20 minutes before anyone should ever go near it and try to throw it into drive and go anywhere with it. It's an expression that seems to say other things about this songwriter and it all fits right in with her wonderful new project, which goes by the name of Lower Dens, and it features Hunter and her Baltimore brethren at their finest. There's such a comfortable and slack pace to the group's debut album - "Twin-Hand Movement," on Devendra Banhart's Gnomonsong imprint (the same one that Hunter has released her song recordings on) - that we find ourselves becoming sluggish and lax with our posture. It's the kind of album that you can see coming from a young woman whom we'd swear you could watch for a full year and never see her smoking a cigarette that was any longer than a nub. It's as if she's been here - wherever you've just arrived at - for hours, smoking every last stick she has in her pack, her pocket, her bag, her cushions, and all that her friends had to lend and there she is, at the very end of the last one. She's just been right there, likely all through the night - having not slept a wink, just smoked herself conscious and semi-alert, and able to take in stimuli enough to encode her thoughts into these hymn-like clouds. Some of the songs say more than others. Some even say more in their titles than others do in their entirety - for instance, the album closer, "Two Cocks Waving Wildly At Each Other Across A Vast Open Space, A Dark Icy Tundra." For the most part though, "Twin-Hand Movement," is a collection of private moments that are bathed in the dim light of a pool hall, the yellows and reds coming down out of those octagonal-shaded beer company lamps that catch all of the blue, floating pool cue chalk as it scatters. They are songs that are good for many things, but they are assuredly good for one golden summary that brings everything together. Hunter sings, "Someday you'll trust me," repeats herself a few times and it claws us, just a bit across the arm, leaving just a little bit of blood and hurt, a shade of what it took for her to think the words in the first place. We're willingly lost in the thrum of Hunter's grave voice, one that's lost between concern and being worn down to bone, and we're letting our heads fill with her gray smoke. It takes over rather quickly and we can see, out of the corners of our eyes, the wasted look in hers, and that lazy grin is grimly starting to warm up some. 

News: Steam No Age's - Everything In Between

No Age  is an LA noisy punk band that doesn't disappoint.  The duo's releases are generally split between youthful pop-punk tracks and dreamy light ambient songs.  Their new album - Everything In Between , is available to stream over at Sub-Pop's Soundcloud page HERE.

Check out No Age at Lincoln hall Nov 21st.

Video: Prince Rama - "Om Namo Shivaya"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Flying Lotus, and Matthew Dear

From Flying Lotus's new release - Pattern + Grid World, now out on Warp Records, the drum-and-bass track - "Kill Your Co-Workers":   Flying Lotus - Kill Your Co-Workers

"Little People (Black City)" by NY's Matthew Dear, from his latest album - Black City out on Ghostly Records:   Matthew Dear - Little People (Black City) - DOWNLOAD


UNOUOMEDUDE is a guy from Jacksonville Florida, whose moniker stands for "you know you owe me dude".  His new album Marsh has a tropical dreamy vibe like so much from this year, but really stands out as something really tight and memorable.  UNOUOMEDUDE's songs are mostly composed of swirling synths, reverbed guitar, electronic drums, and tubular bass.  The vocals are up front and clear, have nice word-play, and backed up by great harmonies.  Marsh was released in July on AM Discs HERE, and also free on Bandcamp HERE

<a href="">Dream Home by unouomedude</a>

<a href="">Buildings by unouomedude</a>

<a href="">Teens by unouomedude</a>


Video: UNOUOMEDUDE - "Buildings"

Video: Mathew Dear

MDBC Abstraction

Monday, September 20, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Beach Fossils

"Face It", a new track from Beach Fossils' new 7" due October 12th on Captured Tracks.   Beach Fossils - Face It  - DOWNLOAD

 "Distance" from Beach Fossils new 7" due on Captured Tracks Oct 12th - Face It b/w Distance:

  Beach Fossils - Distance

XTRA: Blastoids - Trash Mountain

 Blastoids are an experimental fantasy noise band from Murfreesboro TN and Los Angeles CA.  There tunes are pretty unique mash-ups of futuristic synth and abrasive noise.  When your ears aren't being pummeled by relentless pandemonium, the sounds take on a more intriguing avant-electronic feeling.  Their new album - Trash Mountain is being released on Fifty* Records and available as a free download on their Bandcamp page HERE.

<a href="">For What It's Worth by Fifty*</a>

<a href="">Who Nose by Fifty*</a>

<a href="">Space Mountain by Fifty*</a>

<a href="">Space Mountain by Fifty*</a>

Video: Surfer Blood - "Floating Vibes"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Songs Of The Day: Star Slinger

A recent remix by UK Producer - Star Slinger, of the new Deerhunter song - "Helicopter" from their forthcoming album  Halcyon Digest,  the remix released as a digital single:
  Deerhunter - Helicopter (STAR SLINGER REMIX)  - DOWNLOAD

XTRA: NYC UFO - Newer Stations

NYC UFOS' are a four piece indie pop garage band from Northampton Massachusetts.  Newer Stations,  self-released in July, is ten song album split into five studio tracks and five demos - which are easily my favorite.  NYC UFOS have there own way of approaching today's garage scene.  It's not blown-out and doesn't have too much reverb.  It has cleaner production, and blends an indie style of garage pop with a type of post-shoegaze.  There's even a folk song.  You can download the album for free at the their Bandcamp HERE.

<a href="">Any Other Time by NYC UFOs</a>

<a href="">I Want To Fall In Love by NYC UFOs</a>

<a href="">NYC UFOs (demo) by NYC UFOs</a>

<a href="">No Place No. 6 (demo) by NYC UFOs</a>

<a href="">Oh, Little Bird (demo) by NYC UFOs</a>

Video: Candy Claws - "Silent Time Of Earth"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Songs Of The Day: The Fresh And Onlys

"Waterfall" by The Fresh And Onlys from their upcoming album - Play It Strange, out October 12th on In The Red:   The Fresh & Onlys - Waterfall - DOWNLOAD

XTRA: Sunset - Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too

Austin Texas outfit, Sunset just released an album titled Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining TooSunset is the project of Bill Baird in collaboration with others: John Kolar, Willis McClung, and Will Patterson.  Sunset is seemingly influenced by British pop music, full of orchestral instruments and acute pop hooks-- arrangements always vibrant, lush, and complimentary of itself.  Their sound seems like an amalgamation of bands like Stereolab, Air, The Beatles, and even Elliott Smith, but Sunset is definitely unique and on their own trip.  You can buy Sunset's sixteen song album for $5 at their Bandcamp page HERE.  You can also buy Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too as a 2LP (WITH CD) for $20 at Autobus Records HERE.

<a href="">Heavy Light by Sunset</a>

<a href="">Loveshines by Sunset</a>

<a href="">Loveshines II by Sunset</a>

<a href="">Moonlight by Sunset</a>

<a href="">Your Soul Glows In The Dark by Sunset</a>

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