Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video: The UK Soul Explosion Continues

Liam Bailey - You Better Leave Me

I don't know exactly what is going on in England but whatever is in the water is leading to an explosion of great soulful singers coming from that sideovdapond. Love it, no complaints. After all, Liam Bailey's crooning is the muse of whiskey-jar tipping swaggerliciously graceful self destruction. The kind that is supposed to repel a woman but only sets her jones for a dude into hyperdrive. At least, he's all about that in this song and accompanying video.

According to BBC Music, the Nottingham-born singer was discovered and signed by Amy Winehouse (the actual spokesperson for self destruction) to her record label Lioness Records where he released two EPs in 2010 and is working on his debut with producer Salaam Remi via Polydor Records. Salaam Remi actually produced this song so best believe it sa-laams. No, the video is not as cheesy as that joke.

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