Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Songs Of The Day: Nicholas Jaar - I Got A Woman

Nicholas Jaar - I Got A Woman

Nicholas Jaar is remarkable for numerous reasons. The Chilean-born New Yorker and Brown University student put out his first album at the age of 17. His sound draws from so many influences that the question of what his influences are might as well be turned into a week-long lecture series on music genres - electronic downtempo, jazz, blues, classical... blah, blah. And usually they rear their heads in the course of a single track.

Now age 20, Mr. Jaar released his latest LP 'Space Is Only Noise' this February 2011 via Circus Company. This track is one of the shining examples of his modus operandi. His sense of ambiance has a peculiar focus on warmth so if you listen to this in bed it will be a lazy Sunday and if this spins at a party you may lose your train of thought and just bop. Here, he punctuates a relaxed set of Rhodes chords with chopped horns, wrapping it all up neatly with jazz piano and a Ray Charles sample.

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