Sunday, May 29, 2011

Songs Of The Day: Dice Raw - 1995

Dice Raw has a nebulous spot in the Roots crew. Most fans of the Illadelph crew know him...or at least so you would think. Nevertheless, he has yet to carve out a place for himself, distinct from the unit banner. Well it seems with the upcoming release of his EP The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation due June 7, he has been working on letting us know just how raw is Dice Raw minus ?uestlove and company.

It's looking like sushi from the sound of this track produced by Rich Friedrich. Dice Raw waxes nostalgic about the year 1995 over a sick beat that sounds like it sampled a showtune.

Thanks for the reminder Dice because in 1995, I still had a boombox and a stack of cassette tapes. Good times.

Dice Raw - 1995 by Raw Life

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