Thursday, May 19, 2011

Video: James Blake - Lindisfarne

James Blake - Lindisfarne

Well everyone was autotuning themselves into a robotic seizure so can James Blake be called out for trying his hand at it? Besides if anyone could do it tastefully and with a touch of idiosyncratic deftness, it would be this young chap.

This video is actually for both tracks 'Lindisfarne I' and 'Lindisfarne II.' This makes sense given that the songs blend into each other and seem more like a single song split down the middle. To say the video is intriguing may be a run for understatement of the month.

It details a bizarre ritual, between a group of young friends in a countryside house, that involves swapping bodily fluids. Lots of sun-drenched shots, wordless action and cinematography and camerawork that recalls a Swedish film-making style.

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