Monday, June 13, 2011

XTRA: Richard Willard Fenton - 'Alberta Cats'

Richard Willard Fenton, Member of PDX psych/folk band - Grandparents, released his laid-back solo EP - Alberta Cats, just in time for the sunny and mellow days that lie ahead.  Alberta Cats most closely resembles the spectrum of sound found in Grandparents 2009 release ...Dig Everything - an album deeply rooted in experimental-folk and paisley-psychedelia.  All acoustic and slightly stripped of the instrumentation found in a full band, Fenton keeps his songs chock full of expansive melodies, innocent word-play, and gleeful - reverb laden vocals.  Keep your ear to the ground for future releases from Richard W Fenton and in the mean-time dig on Alberta Cats by naming your own price on his Bandcamp HERE

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